A Light Within the Darkness

Tubular Terror

Exit on your right, and mind the blast...

Loaded up with provisions and the K335b Microprocessor x4 Our "heroes" boarded the subway train beneath the research center that would take them some where in Michigan. The train was a quiet and smooth ride  until some six hours into their ride the lights went out and the train came to a slow stop. Owen who had stayed behind informed them through the "walkie talkie" that there was a break in the line but he couldn't tell where it was. Until it was repaired the train would be inoperative.  Doc quickly made some torches out of some of the seats and  then discovered that there was a flash light and flares inside an emergency supply box.

 The tunnel was dark and gloomy as the made their way back along the the tracks to make the repairs. Hank and Doc heard  someone speaking as they walked but only doc made out what was being said.


"Kill them kill kill kill… hank… kill kiil kill."

 "You're  going to die  die die…"

 I know. Was Doc responce to the voice which evoked hideous sinister laughter.

The wall behind them began to glow green and just as the moved away from it exploded out. Hank  fired into the hole injuring  one of the Doomsayers after a short fire fight two of them lay dying on the Maintenance  walkway and the third a girl named Erinn surrendered.



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