A Light Within the Darkness

Trouble in Paradise

When Sharks Attack

Sunday July 4th 2094 Hickam AFB Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawai'i:

With the final preperations for the independance day parade going off without a hitch, and as the feastivities running on through out the day, little did our heroes know what was to befall them on this all but outdated holiday. A fortune teller told Hank that he was Cursed, Owen had found an experiment in his workspace that he didn't remember building let alone what it did. Doc and Cutter went to Little America to tie one on. They had barely gotten  two drinks in when  the Air raid sirens went off and all base personel and Citizens of the US & CS began to filter back to their duty stations.

Gate 'A' had a  fair line of people coming into it so it was no wonder people began to  look around and grumble about having to go back to the base. Hank and Doc noticed some men with spears coming out of the surf and heading their way but thought nothing of it till they were almost next in line to get inside. 

Screams coming from the back of the line and the  short  burst of gunfire coming from the  mounted machine gun above them warned them that they were  under attack. The shark men tore through the  poor souls at the end of the line as the made their way to the fence. It was luck as much as anything that two of the sharkmen stunned themselves on the electrified fence letting our heroes and the gunners to put them down with relative ease. in the aftermath of the attack it was learned that the defence grid computers had burned out a processor  allowing the sharkmen to  come out of the depths.



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