A Light Within the Darkness

This... is my Boomstick!

This sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The subway train dropped them off at Gerald R. Ford Intl. Airport in Grand Rapids Mi. After holding out for the night in the some what safe abandoned airport, they scavenged the hangars for anything of value. their trek lead them south  into Grand Rapids proper. the streets we re desolate and break ing apartfrom the weather and most of the buildings had plants growing from them. Near Downtown Doc began to hear someone yelling and took Cutter and Hank to go investigate leaving Ike in charge of the cart, priest and doomsayer.

"Quietly" sneaking up the trio looked out on the grand river and watched a group of baret wearing individuals work on the bridge across the river and a semi truck that seemed to be in good repair.  For a short moment they discussed talking to them before Hank was reminded of men that looked like thiese near denver. Throckmorton's goons aptly named "Black Hats", just as he remembered this there was the crack of a shot gun  and then another coming from where they had left Ike and the others. Running back they saw ike leading a charge running toward them and behind him was at least fourty men with guns giving chase. Taking their chances with a side street  Cutter held back a moment to try and distract their pursuers  with some Halucenations. The front row dove for cover yelling grenade  and distracting the second row who hadnt seen a thing. A few  of them notice Cutter poking his head around the corner and opened fire. Out of hundreds of shots fired. Only two shots made their mark before Cutter jerked his head back from sight. The wound was slight just grazing his bald skull. 


Doc turned them into a chinese bistro only to discover a scavenger rifling through the  papers behind the cash register. The scavenger only got off one shot before  Doc ran him through with his sword. The back door was locked and after a few tries at removing it Erin melted it so that they could continue on out of the building. Father Dumont  kicked the door open and  he an Erinn moved into the alleyway  just before diving for cover from a van mounted machine gun behind A dumpster.  After a short  fire fight and hank trying to get them Black hats to comeout of the van Owen called them on the radio. To tell them to run becasue more black hats were closing on their position. Cutter was the first into the service intrance to the pet store.  followed by Hank Doc and Ike. The sound of More machine gun fire  left Father Dumont and Erinn either dead or cut off from the rest of the group.




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