A Light Within the Darkness

New York the city that never creeps...

Vould you like to touch my monkey?

As things settled down Doc made his way to the Hospital to help out as he could and the others  tried to get back to  some semblance of normality. Owen was called to the R&D depatrment to discuss the problems The base and thus the Kingdom  was facing. The defense computer had burned out it's K335b Microprocessor. And would be inoperable until it was replaced. The problem was that There were no faciities to make the processor on the island. Owen was informed that there were few places that had ever made the part and that bot ofthem were currently in the center of Malestroms. Owen informed them that one of the storms had abated over New York one of the locations where the procccesor had been fabricated. The only problem was getting there. Joseph Dominguez  informed him there was a way he had been working on a Sub-orbital transport craft. The C 138 Egret would be able to get them there within fourty five minutes, but it could be dangerous as no one had been inside a maelstrom. Owen would need a group to help him just in case. 

Doc's skeptisizm was no deterrant to Owen who quickly gathered the surgeon, Hank the old man and his ward, and Cutter the bounty hunter to accompany him.  To everyone amazement the Aircraft worked and though almost everyone lost their lunch including the pilot. Doc took the Co-pilots seat and watched as the contenental United and Confederate states swiftly passed below them. All was going well until they started to make their decent into New York. At ten thousand feet the pilot Suddenly yelled for them to brace for impact Doc only just had time to look up and see some sort of huge flying creature  slam into them and  send them crashing to the ground. Getting their bearings they found the pilot  severly injured and the ship in bad shape. but they had landed fairly close to their ultimate destination The Manhattan Project. Making a crude gurney from two flags they  started off. 

Darkness started to fall and as they got nearer their destination the began to see and hear things humanoidish things. Hank gunned down the first beast. A huge gorilla looking thing with Lizard scales down its back. It screams and  chest  beating called others  into the fray  and the Group just barely made it into the Compund before they were overwhelmed.




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