A Light Within the Darkness

Thats the Gorton's Fisherman

What the hell is a Sea Zombie?

Lead by Owen through satellite imagery escaped from “beautiful” downtown Grand Rapids Michigan just as the Rads were getting to lethal levels. Unsure or uncaring whether the Priest and doomsayer had survived they decided to continue on, heading to the port town of Holland. (The City not the Country. No really! It exists!) In an old light house the met a man with a pirate-esque accent that had a boat. Why he agreed to take them across the lake is a mystery but he warned them all to be careful of the Sea Zombies, and later on told Hank about the Mall zombies at the Westshore Mall. Gathering up provisions for the trip mostly fish caught by throwing home brew explosives over board they soon were on their way.

Some how Sheboygan had missed bing bombed in the war and was now sandwiched between the Maelstroms in Green bay and Milwaukee. After a long walk inland A small settlement came into view from the darkness. Flood lights were shone down on them and after close scrutiny they were allowed to bed down for the night with a small fee of 3 bullets apiece.



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