A Light Within the Darkness


Have you ever danced with a Devil?

Safely within the walls of Sheboygan Hank and Ike made their way behind Doc to the hostel and went to bed. Cutter, feeling a rumble in his stomach, went to the Bar to get some food and a drink. After a few moments he noticed a man watching him. Coming over to sit with Cutter the man teased him a moment before revealing that he was the contemporary version of Ike. He talked to Cutter about things that to him HAD already happened, but were yet to happen to his younger self. At the end of their little discussion Dwight, (he had told Cutter to call him that to avoid confusion between his current self and the boy who lay sleeping in the hostel), was wracking his brain trying to remember something he needed to tell them, but in the end could not remember.

Doc meanwhile lay sleepless in the bed, and after some time went to wander the compound. He spoke with one of the guards that told him about strange creatures; not Zombie not Man but similar to each. The dark night waned into a cloudless morning. Cutter and Doc moved about slowly, Cutter getting breakfast and Doc going out to ask more questions. Both were surprised at a towering man who had begun shouting orders to everyone. He claimed to be the Mayor and the way that people immediately began doing what he said lent credence to this claim. Cutter mouthed off and got a couple punches in the mouth for his trouble and only his Syker powers got the burly man off of him. Doc was about to intervene when one of the guards yelled that raiders were about to attack. Hundreds of the man-zombies were charging the walls by the time they got into a position to look.

“Looks like you got here just in time to die with us.” The mayor chuckled.

After a short fire fight involving explosives being thrown over the wall the man-zombies retreated just out of plausible firearms range.

Shortly after that Cutter got a mental message from an old pre-war instructor.

“I can get you out of this, but the cost is a very high one.”



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