A Light Within the Darkness

Mayor on the left of me, Zombies on the right!

Here I am, stuck in the middle with you...

“Five to one, For every five Zombies I kill I need to kill one person within the walls of Sheboygan…” Was the offer made to Cutter Voicelessly from his old Ethics Instructor from the academy. A test perhaps to see what He was capable of… Or was it something else entirely?

Mean While Hank Got a visit from his past, and she was not happy. Threatening to may him pay for his actions She left him to stew in the situation he now found himself in.

The town council met for long hours discussing whether they should accept the offer that Cutter had brought to them until Ed the towns resident smith and gear head repaired an ancient Dodge Durango with some quick modifications they had a quick way for a few people to try to get to Fon Du Lak a not too distant town that Sheboygan had lost contact with about a month previous. Cutter was asked to stay behind as “insurance” that they wouldn’t just leave the town to it’s fate.

Fon Du Lak was nearly abandoned when they arrived with only a dozen or so Children and a Postman being there at the time. It seemed that the whole town had vanished about a month previously. Putting two and two together they came to the conclusion that the Man-Zombies that plagued Sheboygan were once the Towns folk of Fon Du Lak.
Hank and ed went back in the car to watch the mayhem that was sure to occur at sunset while Doc got the children ready to leave

Ike came up with the Idea to Send the Computer chips to Hawaii By the Post man and for the Cost of ten bullets and a Chocolate bar the postman agreed.

Whether it was Curiosity or faith. Doc asked a boy to lead him to the Dubois mausoleum in the cemetary. A note had been left that implied that they should go there. the crypt was cold and quiet until Ike tapped on tomb. the distinct sound of someone tapping back was heard and after a few tense moments a man poured himself out of the small hole in the wall. Jean-Pierre Dubois was his name and after a long draught of Tennessee’s finest Sour mash and lighting up an old cigar. he convinced Doc that he could help them to save Sheboygan. But what can one… semi Dead man do against an army of Zombie-men?



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