A Light Within the Darkness

C-Zombies? Not Sea zombies?
Dang Canucks... Wait... Does that mean there are A, and B-Zombies?
Mayor on the left of me, Zombies on the right!
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you...

“Five to one, For every five Zombies I kill I need to kill one person within the walls of Sheboygan…” Was the offer made to Cutter Voicelessly from his old Ethics Instructor from the academy. A test perhaps to see what He was capable of… Or was it something else entirely?

Mean While Hank Got a visit from his past, and she was not happy. Threatening to may him pay for his actions She left him to stew in the situation he now found himself in.

The town council met for long hours discussing whether they should accept the offer that Cutter had brought to them until Ed the towns resident smith and gear head repaired an ancient Dodge Durango with some quick modifications they had a quick way for a few people to try to get to Fon Du Lak a not too distant town that Sheboygan had lost contact with about a month previous. Cutter was asked to stay behind as “insurance” that they wouldn’t just leave the town to it’s fate.

Fon Du Lak was nearly abandoned when they arrived with only a dozen or so Children and a Postman being there at the time. It seemed that the whole town had vanished about a month previously. Putting two and two together they came to the conclusion that the Man-Zombies that plagued Sheboygan were once the Towns folk of Fon Du Lak.
Hank and ed went back in the car to watch the mayhem that was sure to occur at sunset while Doc got the children ready to leave

Ike came up with the Idea to Send the Computer chips to Hawaii By the Post man and for the Cost of ten bullets and a Chocolate bar the postman agreed.

Whether it was Curiosity or faith. Doc asked a boy to lead him to the Dubois mausoleum in the cemetary. A note had been left that implied that they should go there. the crypt was cold and quiet until Ike tapped on tomb. the distinct sound of someone tapping back was heard and after a few tense moments a man poured himself out of the small hole in the wall. Jean-Pierre Dubois was his name and after a long draught of Tennessee’s finest Sour mash and lighting up an old cigar. he convinced Doc that he could help them to save Sheboygan. But what can one… semi Dead man do against an army of Zombie-men?

Have you ever danced with a Devil?

Safely within the walls of Sheboygan Hank and Ike made their way behind Doc to the hostel and went to bed. Cutter, feeling a rumble in his stomach, went to the Bar to get some food and a drink. After a few moments he noticed a man watching him. Coming over to sit with Cutter the man teased him a moment before revealing that he was the contemporary version of Ike. He talked to Cutter about things that to him HAD already happened, but were yet to happen to his younger self. At the end of their little discussion Dwight, (he had told Cutter to call him that to avoid confusion between his current self and the boy who lay sleeping in the hostel), was wracking his brain trying to remember something he needed to tell them, but in the end could not remember.

Doc meanwhile lay sleepless in the bed, and after some time went to wander the compound. He spoke with one of the guards that told him about strange creatures; not Zombie not Man but similar to each. The dark night waned into a cloudless morning. Cutter and Doc moved about slowly, Cutter getting breakfast and Doc going out to ask more questions. Both were surprised at a towering man who had begun shouting orders to everyone. He claimed to be the Mayor and the way that people immediately began doing what he said lent credence to this claim. Cutter mouthed off and got a couple punches in the mouth for his trouble and only his Syker powers got the burly man off of him. Doc was about to intervene when one of the guards yelled that raiders were about to attack. Hundreds of the man-zombies were charging the walls by the time they got into a position to look.

“Looks like you got here just in time to die with us.” The mayor chuckled.

After a short fire fight involving explosives being thrown over the wall the man-zombies retreated just out of plausible firearms range.

Shortly after that Cutter got a mental message from an old pre-war instructor.

“I can get you out of this, but the cost is a very high one.”

Thats the Gorton's Fisherman
What the hell is a Sea Zombie?

Lead by Owen through satellite imagery escaped from “beautiful” downtown Grand Rapids Michigan just as the Rads were getting to lethal levels. Unsure or uncaring whether the Priest and doomsayer had survived they decided to continue on, heading to the port town of Holland. (The City not the Country. No really! It exists!) In an old light house the met a man with a pirate-esque accent that had a boat. Why he agreed to take them across the lake is a mystery but he warned them all to be careful of the Sea Zombies, and later on told Hank about the Mall zombies at the Westshore Mall. Gathering up provisions for the trip mostly fish caught by throwing home brew explosives over board they soon were on their way.

Some how Sheboygan had missed bing bombed in the war and was now sandwiched between the Maelstroms in Green bay and Milwaukee. After a long walk inland A small settlement came into view from the darkness. Flood lights were shone down on them and after close scrutiny they were allowed to bed down for the night with a small fee of 3 bullets apiece.

This... is my Boomstick!
This sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

The subway train dropped them off at Gerald R. Ford Intl. Airport in Grand Rapids Mi. After holding out for the night in the some what safe abandoned airport, they scavenged the hangars for anything of value. their trek lead them south  into Grand Rapids proper. the streets we re desolate and break ing apartfrom the weather and most of the buildings had plants growing from them. Near Downtown Doc began to hear someone yelling and took Cutter and Hank to go investigate leaving Ike in charge of the cart, priest and doomsayer.

"Quietly" sneaking up the trio looked out on the grand river and watched a group of baret wearing individuals work on the bridge across the river and a semi truck that seemed to be in good repair.  For a short moment they discussed talking to them before Hank was reminded of men that looked like thiese near denver. Throckmorton's goons aptly named "Black Hats", just as he remembered this there was the crack of a shot gun  and then another coming from where they had left Ike and the others. Running back they saw ike leading a charge running toward them and behind him was at least fourty men with guns giving chase. Taking their chances with a side street  Cutter held back a moment to try and distract their pursuers  with some Halucenations. The front row dove for cover yelling grenade  and distracting the second row who hadnt seen a thing. A few  of them notice Cutter poking his head around the corner and opened fire. Out of hundreds of shots fired. Only two shots made their mark before Cutter jerked his head back from sight. The wound was slight just grazing his bald skull. 


Doc turned them into a chinese bistro only to discover a scavenger rifling through the  papers behind the cash register. The scavenger only got off one shot before  Doc ran him through with his sword. The back door was locked and after a few tries at removing it Erin melted it so that they could continue on out of the building. Father Dumont  kicked the door open and  he an Erinn moved into the alleyway  just before diving for cover from a van mounted machine gun behind A dumpster.  After a short  fire fight and hank trying to get them Black hats to comeout of the van Owen called them on the radio. To tell them to run becasue more black hats were closing on their position. Cutter was the first into the service intrance to the pet store.  followed by Hank Doc and Ike. The sound of More machine gun fire  left Father Dumont and Erinn either dead or cut off from the rest of the group.


Tubular Terror
Exit on your right, and mind the blast...

Loaded up with provisions and the K335b Microprocessor x4 Our "heroes" boarded the subway train beneath the research center that would take them some where in Michigan. The train was a quiet and smooth ride  until some six hours into their ride the lights went out and the train came to a slow stop. Owen who had stayed behind informed them through the "walkie talkie" that there was a break in the line but he couldn't tell where it was. Until it was repaired the train would be inoperative.  Doc quickly made some torches out of some of the seats and  then discovered that there was a flash light and flares inside an emergency supply box.

 The tunnel was dark and gloomy as the made their way back along the the tracks to make the repairs. Hank and Doc heard  someone speaking as they walked but only doc made out what was being said.


"Kill them kill kill kill… hank… kill kiil kill."

 "You're  going to die  die die…"

 I know. Was Doc responce to the voice which evoked hideous sinister laughter.

The wall behind them began to glow green and just as the moved away from it exploded out. Hank  fired into the hole injuring  one of the Doomsayers after a short fire fight two of them lay dying on the Maintenance  walkway and the third a girl named Erinn surrendered.

New York the city that never creeps...
Vould you like to touch my monkey?

As things settled down Doc made his way to the Hospital to help out as he could and the others  tried to get back to  some semblance of normality. Owen was called to the R&D depatrment to discuss the problems The base and thus the Kingdom  was facing. The defense computer had burned out it's K335b Microprocessor. And would be inoperable until it was replaced. The problem was that There were no faciities to make the processor on the island. Owen was informed that there were few places that had ever made the part and that bot ofthem were currently in the center of Malestroms. Owen informed them that one of the storms had abated over New York one of the locations where the procccesor had been fabricated. The only problem was getting there. Joseph Dominguez  informed him there was a way he had been working on a Sub-orbital transport craft. The C 138 Egret would be able to get them there within fourty five minutes, but it could be dangerous as no one had been inside a maelstrom. Owen would need a group to help him just in case. 

Doc's skeptisizm was no deterrant to Owen who quickly gathered the surgeon, Hank the old man and his ward, and Cutter the bounty hunter to accompany him.  To everyone amazement the Aircraft worked and though almost everyone lost their lunch including the pilot. Doc took the Co-pilots seat and watched as the contenental United and Confederate states swiftly passed below them. All was going well until they started to make their decent into New York. At ten thousand feet the pilot Suddenly yelled for them to brace for impact Doc only just had time to look up and see some sort of huge flying creature  slam into them and  send them crashing to the ground. Getting their bearings they found the pilot  severly injured and the ship in bad shape. but they had landed fairly close to their ultimate destination The Manhattan Project. Making a crude gurney from two flags they  started off. 

Darkness started to fall and as they got nearer their destination the began to see and hear things humanoidish things. Hank gunned down the first beast. A huge gorilla looking thing with Lizard scales down its back. It screams and  chest  beating called others  into the fray  and the Group just barely made it into the Compund before they were overwhelmed.


Trouble in Paradise
When Sharks Attack

Sunday July 4th 2094 Hickam AFB Honolulu, Kingdom of Hawai'i:

With the final preperations for the independance day parade going off without a hitch, and as the feastivities running on through out the day, little did our heroes know what was to befall them on this all but outdated holiday. A fortune teller told Hank that he was Cursed, Owen had found an experiment in his workspace that he didn't remember building let alone what it did. Doc and Cutter went to Little America to tie one on. They had barely gotten  two drinks in when  the Air raid sirens went off and all base personel and Citizens of the US & CS began to filter back to their duty stations.

Gate 'A' had a  fair line of people coming into it so it was no wonder people began to  look around and grumble about having to go back to the base. Hank and Doc noticed some men with spears coming out of the surf and heading their way but thought nothing of it till they were almost next in line to get inside. 

Screams coming from the back of the line and the  short  burst of gunfire coming from the  mounted machine gun above them warned them that they were  under attack. The shark men tore through the  poor souls at the end of the line as the made their way to the fence. It was luck as much as anything that two of the sharkmen stunned themselves on the electrified fence letting our heroes and the gunners to put them down with relative ease. in the aftermath of the attack it was learned that the defence grid computers had burned out a processor  allowing the sharkmen to  come out of the depths.


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